2nd degree reiki course

"Totally life changing and beautiful. I dont know what I was expecting,but when I arrived it was like a long drink from a cool stream, it felt like my soul had come home."


2nd degree reiki course

SECOND DEGREE COURSE - This course helps you to become a powerful and confident healer.

This degree takes you deeper into the wonderful world of Reiki. There is one further attunement to connect you to the 2nd degree energy and to the power of the keys used in this level. These keys, or symbols, intensify the power of Reiki. They enable you to practice healing on others, including animals and plants. They also allow you to practice distant healing and emotional/mental healing.

As well as learning the symbols, you will be taught how to practice distant healing, the healing crisis, more Japanese Reiki techniques, symbology, scanning, hands positions for treating others and the various ways of applying Reiki amongst many other topics.

In your comprehensive manual you will find information about chakras, the aura, the use of crystals in Reiki and homoeopathic first aid. You will also be taught about the practicalities of setting up a professional practice. After the course you will be encouraged to present three cases to show that you have developed a deep understanding of the Reiki process and of working with others. If you wish to actively use Reiki in the lives of others or simply deepen your ability for self healing, then this course is for you.

If the dates below are not convenient for you, please do inquire, as other dates can be arranged

Course duration: 2 days.

24th - 25th July 2017

10th - 11th August 2017

24th - 25th August 2017

7th - 8th September 2017

21st - 22nd September 2017

2nd - 3rd October 2017

12th - 13th October 2017

23rd - 24th October 2017

6th - 7th November 2017

Some weekend courses are available on request.

To book a course just call me on 01273 679999 or email me.

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