archangel haniel

"Grace of God."


archangel haniel

Haniel's gifts are bringing grace, kindness, peace, harmony to all situations. Haniel will also help you be the embodiment of grace. She also helps clear spaces, ourselves and our relationships. She is aligned with the stars and the moon and hence brings guidance in astrology and divination. She helps us open our intuition and our psychic abilities. She assists us in recognising that life is full of love and grace and she helps in raising our consciousness to a higher level so that we no longer see life as harsh. When going for an interview this archangel will help you to communicate well and remain graceful. She will also help you in public speaking to remain calm and present and engage with the audience.

She also helps us rediscover the healing powers of plants and herbs and other natural remedies.

Colour - Bluish White

Crystal - Moonstone

Astrological sign - Overseer of all the signs

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