archangel jeremiel

“Mercy of God.”


archangel jeremiel

Jeremiel inspires us to turn to spirituality and to devote our life to acts of spirituality and kindess. When you feel you have lost your spiritual path or your enthusiasm for your spiritual life call upon Jeremiel to inspire you once again. Jeremiel helps us when we are struggling to forgive and also comforts us when we are feeling low. Jeremiel helps us to understand our visions and clairvoyance. He will help you view your life clearly so that you can see which aspects need to change.

He helps us to review our life so that we can correct things that are wrong and adjust our life so that we find our way back onto our path. By giving us the strength to do this he helps us find peace in life.

Colour - Violet

Crystal - Amethyst

Astrological sign - Scorpio

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