archangel jophiel

“Beauty of God.”


archangel jophiel

Jophiel's domain is the one of beauty. She works with artists and also helps us see the beauty and grace in the world. She helps you clear clutter from not only your own home and work space but also from the world. If you feel drawn to help clean the world then ask Jophiel to show you how you can help. Jophiel helps you to beautify your thoughts so that you think happy and optimistic thoughts and not those filled with worry and fear. Jophiel helps you maintain positive thoughts about your career. Flashes of insight come from Jophiel.

She helps us see the beauty in all things including people. She helps bring laughter, light and joy back into our lives. If you feel life has become dark and ugly Johiel can help you find your spark of light and creativity once again.

Colour - Dark Pink

Crystal - Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite

Astrological sign - Libra

Chakra - Crown 7th

Healing Ray - Yellow 2nd Ray of Illumination and Wisdom

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