archangel michael

“He Who is Like God.”


archangel michael

Michael helps to release fear from the world. He gives us the courage and the strength to fulfill your life purpose. He is the leader of the archangels and the one who most people have heard of. As well as courage he helps us with being truthful and always maintaing our integrity. Michael will help you to find a new career or start your own business. Michael will help you to release your fear if you are feeling frightened or are feeling unsafe by cutting the cords that keep us limited or scared.

In fact he helps the world rid itself of fear. Fear keeps us small and weak and stops us from fulfilling our purpose here on earth. Michael will also help you find and fulfill your life purpose and help you make the changes you need to reach your potential. He will help you remember why you came to earth. Michael also helps in electrical or mechanical repairs.

When he is around you you may see flashes of purple light.

Colour - Royal Purple, Royal Blue, Gold

Crystal - Sugilite

Astrological sign - Oversees all signs

Chakra - Throat chakra 5th

Healing Ray - White/Blue 1st Ray represents the Will of God and Power and Faith in God. Imparts strength, power and protection.

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