archangel zadkiel

“Righteousness of God.”


archangel zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel - Zadkiel is the archangel that helps with our memory and hence helps students. Zadkiel also helps us release pain from the past and from any unhealed energy that we still carry thus freeing us from our painful memories. He helps us find our freedom again through showing us self forgiveness. Zadkiel brings joy, mercy and freedom of the soul. He desolves painful and negative traits that we hold on to. Zadkiel helps us with being more tolerant and diplomatic.

Colour - Deep Indigo Blue/Amethyst

Crystal - Lapis Lazuli

Astrological sign - Gemini

Chakra - Sacral

Healing Ray - Violet 7th Ray of freedom, mercy and transmutation.

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