reiki and expectations

Whilst we do always want and hope for the best for our students we must realise that not all of those who come to us for teaching are truly ready for their lives to be changed dramatically.


reiki and expectations

Recently an old student came back to me and apologised for staying out of touch. I felt delighted that she had got back in touch, but saddened when I learnt of her reasons for staying away.

She told me that she didn’t practice Reiki everyday as I had encouraged her and she was scared to tell me this.

Naturally my first reactions were of disappointment. Not for me, but for her, as I know how much Reiki can help those in need. But then as I read her email I felt filled with joy and love. Whilst she no longer actively placed her hands on her body with the intention of healing herself, it became clear that she bathed herself in the light of Reiki every day. It was clear that Reiki was a huge part of her life, but not in the usual way.

As I continued to read my respect for her grew even more. Reiki had opened up a new path for her. She was studying meditation, religion and other complementary therapies.  Her life had opened up before her and she was grabbing it with both hands.

Perhaps as Masters we can sometimes be a little too strict with our students…setting them tasks and giving them set hours of Reiki practice every day. Whilst we need to encourage our students to bring Reiki actively into their lives, we must also remain totally flexible in the nature of their practice. Some Masters stipulate that the new student must heal themselves for 1 ½ hours everyday of their 21 day cleansing process. For some people this will be right. The time and opportunity will appear every day and the task will be accomplished. However in setting such a rigid time we can also set targets that are simply beyond the reach of the average individual. What then happens is similar to a New Year’s resolution. If you break the resolution on one day, it is likely to be permanently broken. Hence, those whose good intentions to use Reiki actively in their lives, become despondent and push Reiki aside, often for good.

Whilst we do always want and hope for the best for our students we must realise that not all of those who come to us for teaching are truly ready for their lives to be changed dramatically. Reiki can bring about the most intense changes within and without, but only if we are ready. I have spoken to and emailed with many students who feel they have let down their Master by not being able to move forward as quickly as the Master believes they can.

If we pressurize our clients and our students too much, they will not feel comfortable returning to us to ask for help. We may envisage a certain path or life for those we help, but we must never bully, only encourage. And when our encouragement fails, then we must be accepting of the path that they have chosen. We may be aware that a client has an ability that should be opened, a blockage that needs to be removed or a change that needs to be made in their lifestyle. But without their willingness and readiness for those changes nothing will happen. And if the client is not ready, we must let them be as they are.

To help us we must think back to the time when we were truly stuck. We must remember the fear that accompanied those times and then we will have compassion and understanding for those we seek to help.

We must remember at all times that our expectations can let us down. When we are able to stand still and be in the moment, then we will never be let down. It is our expectations of the future that lead to hurt. We too often judge others by own standards and experiences. But those we judge have perhaps not been as blessed as us, or as tenacious in their work. That does not make them bad people. We all do make judgements every day. They help us to make decisions, to live and to remain safe. But we must be aware in our judgements that we are judging not the person, but the actions they do. And always ask yourself…could you have done differently in the same situation?

We must always be proud of our students, clients, family, friends and strangers. After all we are all students of this life, here to learn and experience.

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