Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual light.

It is a spiritual flame rather than a physical flame. It is the essence of a spiritual light that can transform negative energy into positive.

Negative energy is heavy and dark and prevents us from moving forwards in life. Imagine carrying a heavy suitcase around with you all day. You would soon lose all enthusiasm and joy.

The Violet Flame can effectively take this burden from you allowing you feel lighter and regain your enthusiasm and love for life.

Working with the flame helps you release your negative karma and to free yourself of your past mistakes and burdens. It effectively gives you a clean slate to start again.

It also brings harmony in relationships by burning away negative feelings that you may  feel about yourself or your partner.

Working with the flame brings self forgiveness and forgiveness for others by washing away old and negative habits and unwanted desires. You feel a renewed sense of purpose and joy in your life.

The Violet Flame helps you overcome your blocks to healing by clearing the negative energy that we carry around our disease.

When working with this flame as part of a healing session we transmute negative energy and so allow ourselves to be the best that we can be.

The qualities of the Violet Flame are freedom, forgiveness, and liberation of the soul.

If you are interested in a healing session with the Violet Flame just  or give me a call to book a session or just to chat more about this unique healing energy.

Tel: 01273 679999/07966528455

Sessions lasts 1 hour.